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SRT06 - Glassworks Spa, Cambridge

SRT06 – Glassworks Spa, Cambridge

SRT07WW - Radisson Blu Hotel, Jersey

SRT07WW – Radisson Blu Hotel, Jersey

SI LITE is a technology company specialising in ultra-modern LED lighting, remote controlled colour-changing lamps and LED Strip systems. SI LITE has been serving the UK since 2003, and on 1st March 2016 we celebrated our 13 year anniversary.

We have over 800 wholesale stockists in the UK. If you are unable to find one, why not contact us directly or try our stockist locator?

The SI LITE range of products includes LED Strip, fittings and lamps, ground and landscape products as well as many accessories.

Our bespoke LED Strip “Cut to Length” service offers flexibility and peace of mind when ordering LED Strip for your specific requirements.

SI LITE is proud to partner with many of the UK’s leading electrical wholesalers, so there will be a Si Lite stockist near you!

SI LITE product information can also be found on Luckins Live – there is a link direct to the SI LITE page on Luckins Live which can be found on the Resources tab.

We are always developing new products, so keep an eye on our News page for the latest announcements.

OUT NOW! - we have updated our latest catalogue (Issue 12) in September 2016, and have introduced some new and exciting products, including WiFi colour changing LED bulbs and LED Decking Kits.  Check out our News posts page for more details!

Contact us to receive your copy.