Keep On Running! 24v LED Strip Launch

30 November 2017 | News | Posted by Si-Lite

Now you have even wider choice, and the ability to have longer runs, for your LED Strip solutions, with the launching of our 24v DC LED Strip and Drivers. In stock NOW are single colour 4.8w per metre and 14.4w per metre, all available in 3000k, 4000k, and 6000k, IP20 and IP65 versions.

Click on these stock codes to go straight to the specific product page you require:

BRT21    4.8w/m IP20

SRT41    4.8W/m IP65

BRT31    14.4w/m IP20

SRT51    14.4w/m IP65

Also, 7.2w and 14.4w per metre RGB Strips in IP20 and IP65. Plus, they are all compatible with our existing dimming and RGB Control solutions, and all ready for your bespoke requirements to be fulfilled with our “Cut To Length” service.

Click on these stock codes to go straight to the specific RGB product page you require:

SRT24-15     7.2w/m IP20

SRT24-16     7.2w/m IP65

SRT24-05    14.4w/m IP20

SRT24-06     14.4w/m IP65


BRT31 LED Strip family

Our 24v Dc LED Drivers are in stock in IP20 and IP67 versions, and coming very soon will be our Triac dimmable drivers for 24v LED Strip, plus our 24v RGBW LED strip options. Watch this space for further announcements!

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