If you can’t stand the heat, change your cabinet lighting!

1 September 2011 | News | Posted by Si-Lite

SL140 LED Cabinet Light

Under-cabinet lighting in kitchens has grown in popularity in recent years, and can add atmosphere as well as improved visibility on work surfaces, but the heat generated (and power consumed!) by traditional halogen cabinet lighting can make an already warm kitchen feel too darn hot!!

Now Si Lite has launched two high-brightness LED cabinet light families that deliver excellent light output, low power consumption and no heat generation.

The SL130 & SL131 are 1w Mini under-cabinet fittings that can also be used for plinth or display purposes. Small but perfectly formed, there is a choice of round or square, and cool or warm white light. Each fitting comes pre-wired with its own LED driver, making installation so much easier, and at only 30mm diameter they are unobtrusive – but with a wide 110⁰ beam angle they provide exceptional light output over a broad area.

SL130 LED Cabinet Light

The SL140 offers 3 x 1.2w LED lights, again in either cool or warm white light. This slimline fitting has the additional benefit of the option of either recessed or surface mount placement.

And…should high light output, ultra-low power consumption, no heat and stylish looks not be enough for you, don’t forget that with life expectancy of over 30,000 hours you won’t be changing bulbs every few months!

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