LED Ribbon Rolls All Over Britain!

26 September 2011 | News | Posted by Si-Lite

LED Ribbon Tape in Yo! Sushi

The list of household names on the High Streets and Shopping Centres of Britain that have installed Si Lite LED Ribbon tape continues to grow day by day. Recent additions include Austin Reed and Pink, to add to the likes of Country Casuals, Yo! Sushi, JD Sports, Pizza Express, KFC, and numerous independent stores up and down the country.

Our latest addition to the range is our RGB RF controlled SRT05 (IP20 for indoor use) and SRT06 (IP68 for outdoor use). With a choice of 21 different programmes, all easily set with a hand held remote control, colour changing LED ribbon tape is now easier to use, simple to install, and  will enhance any area in a multitude of ways. Supplied in 5 metre reels, the SRT05 and SRT06 can be cut to length every 5cm, or can be extended up to a maximum run of 20 metres on a single RF05 controller.

Choose between programme choices of 7 fixed colours (red; blue; purple; green; yellow; cyan and white), 2 “jump” modes, 2 “gradual fade” modes, 7 strobe flash colours (as above) or 3 cross-fade modes – plus 256 brightness settings and 100 speed settings.

Additionally, you can integrate the SRT05 or SRT06 with an external DMX decoder.

The SRT05 is provided with a 3M self-adhesive backing for simple and fast installation. The SRT06 has the option of waterproof connectors for extending your run outdoors or underwater.

Don’t forget we also have the SRT01 IP20 single colour (blue; cool white or warm white), the SRT03 IP67 single colour (blue; red; green; amber, natural white or warm white) and the SRT04 RGB IP67 colour changing LED ribbon tape – see our product pages or latest catalogue for details.

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